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  • 21.07.2017
The people who work at the festival are universal soldiers. A universal soldier is a future in the world of art. A universal soldier is a dead end. When the old system no longer works, and the new one is not yet known. This is a permanent conflict of worldviews.
One of the organizers and main characters of the film is Eugene Ball. Actor, musician, poet, and ... Chief Engineer of the Festival Gogol Fest - is a vivid example of the "Universal Soldier." Through him, and through other "universal soldiers", we go from the preparation of the festival to its implementation. The film will cover the new projects of the Trinity, devoted to the topic - Babylon.
"Metaphor of Babylon every day of our lives. News releases are filled with a sense of apocalypse.
When people cease to understand each other, the world is split into the left and right, to the east and west. On the black and white. The tower is destroyed, and we find ourselves above the deep.
The history of the gogol of the festival is the creation of a new myth. Formation of a platform to create a new plot moving from the abyss to dreams.
This is the point where people are united around a dream. Learn to trust each other and move together to the goal. It is through art that the festival rethinks the old myth, plays the Babylonian script on the stage, film, installations, studying the ways of its development .... "
In the film GogolDok we also want to convey the idea of ​​the festival. Preparing for this is the construction of a new myth. "This is the point where people are united around a dream. They learn to trust each other and move together to the goal."
The organizers of the festival face a lot of difficulties. Their dream is to create a factory of creativity, and that the festival would go 365 days a year. The discovery of new talents and their interaction with well-known world leaders. The feature of the festival in 2016 is that this year will be a decisive test for the viability of the festival. Will the organizers' dream come true or the festival will cease to exist in the form in which we know it and transform into something else ....