News of GogolFest
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Festival programconsists of Green and Red ones. All Green program events will be able to be attended via Festival all-days pass while Red program events are to be payed separately.

Key Green program events:

- new Vlad Troitskyi ‘TseSho’ (‘Wazzat’) project, where trash world of apocalyptic information which charges on us and in which we all live is skillfully shown as a concert-play (7th of September, Dovzhenko center).

- building of a huge 4-floored house-high Ark by festival participants under supervision of architect-artist (9th September, VDNH)

- grand “Dreams OFF”music show by DakhaBrakha band during which the previously spectator-built Ark will sail (9th of September, VDNH)

- new uTopia program premiere by Dakh Daughters freak-cabaret: theatre performance with additional reality elements, new songs and well-known hits (10 of September, VDNH)

- unique GogolFest ArkSquat project placed on Dovzhenko center site, 4-floored building where Ukrainian and European artists’ installations will be created and art labs will be as well as various visual events and a theatre program in still-functioning bomb shelter.

ArkSquat will work 24/7 for the duration of GogolFest and will be demolished together with all installation (whole festival, Dovzhenko center)

- music program by Old Fashioned Radio with authentic Ukrainian bands which are not represented on radio (9th-10th of September, VDNH). Program’s special guests are renown French accordionists Marcel Loeffler - Domi Emorine (10th of September, VDNH)

- vast children program on first weekend. It will include among others a workshop of British puppeteer Andrew *, were children will be tutored to make puppets under master’s supervision and then will lead their creations onto parade (9th of September, VDNH)

- contemporary choreographic shows under aegis of Totem Dance formation and international collaboration projects of the field

- ‘DOBA’ (‘AGE’) project — 24 hours of Ukrainian electronic music in GogolFest ArkSquat (16th-17th of September, Dovzhenko center)

- lectures by Museum of Cinema and evening program by Andrii Alfiorov: 16 movies, 8 meeting with famous cinematographers, work-shops, festival hits and avant-garde masterpieces from Centre’s film archives (whole festival, Dovzhenko center)

- ‘Culturefilm: Erosphere’ will present three renown Ukrainian movies of 90-s along with professional-led discussion with critics and cinema researchers (whole festival, Dovzhenko center)

- educational program with a workshop by Creative Europe about joining scholarship programs being its core as well as new ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’ project presentation with expert from Lithuania participation, experience exchange between Ukrainian and European theatre performers and institutions (whole festival, Dovzhenko center)


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