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  • Green programm
  • 14.09.2017
  • 19:00
  • Dance art
    Ark Squat: Courtyard

A history that disappears...
... or becomes a mystery...
... or a reason for disputes
The history that we continue every next moment
What secrets do streets keep? As witnesses of large and small tragedies and victories, they
absorb stories of their inhabitants and reveal the secrets merely to the most inquisitive people...
Such stories have become the essence of a creation of this performance. The Zmigrud street,
which is located very close to the center of Lublin, tells us the story. It is situated between the
Old City and the modern business center and it combines the past with the future, which makes it
truly unique.
But during the performance, we will not tell or reproduce stories, we will not play the situation
of its characters. History is an impulse to find space and time for it in the modern world. We will
allow it to influence our body, consciousness, to be a partner.
A few centuries ago there was a green hill with the legendary Snake, which attracted people by
its coziness and landscape. It hugged the first settlers in its arms. And then it turned into a street
that ran down from the city gate.
For many years, Zmigrud has been submitted for many changes. Previously there was an
important trade route to the south of the Republic - to Przemysl, Lviv, Zamosti, and Peredhirya
here. Once upon a time, some nobility's estates were built here. It was a district of rich and
educated people. Later, the area changed its value into industrial, and palaces were being
modified into residential buildings.
Everything was interwined on this street starting from the humility of the monks and the vitality
of the trade, the diligence of the masters and the reputation of the nobility, the liberty, ending
with the joy and the discipline of the school.
Zmigrud has also a great meaning for the development of printing and for the liberation
movement. Since 1932 there has been a printing shop "Popular" (Zmigrud 1). During the war, it
was an important center of the conspiracy, where false postcards and documents were published
from printing machines at night. The printers were killed in the spring of 1944.
All staff was arrested by the occupiers and the verdict was carried out in the camp at the Maidan.
After the war, the printing still works. Nine years ago, Centre Grodno Brama - Theater NN -
became the owner of the place. After repairing, the Center has opened the House of Printing. A
year ago, the name and a bit of an activity profile were changed. That is how House of Words
During "Theatrical Confrontations" in 1976, the Academy of Movement demonstrated its
legendary performance "Europe" on Zmigrud street. Two years later, Academy of Movement
hosted a theatrical action "House" here.
There are also stories related with Zmigrud street about such well-known figures as Joseph
Chekhovich, Volodymyr Vysotsky, Amedeo Modigliani and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz.

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